At GPU Technology Conference (GTC) this year I presented a poster on my acceleration work on JuSPIC with OpenACC. See below for an embed.

The main part of the poster are the different stages I went through while porting JuSPIC to OpenACC and to efficient OpenACC. It is meant as an experiences pieces outlining different strategies of acceleration at the same time.

I also present first models of JuSPIC’s performance here, but I show more on that in the IWOPH paper.

I was able to travel to GTC17 with the poster (which was awesome!), it was even chosen to be included in the Top 20 Fast Forward Program. Cool! I was worried that the non-standard design could be interpreted as somewhat unscientific. Nice that it wasn’t.
It’s unfortunate, though, that the poster submission deadline is so much earlier than the actual conference.

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